I am an aristocrat and an instinctive hunter. I love to chase things and I need exercise. I am versatile and sociable. A great friend for the whole family.

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    Beige Grey Brown
    Picture with wooden frame colors embroidered motif Braco
    BLANCO - white AZUL MARINO - royalblue
    Short-sleeved polo shirt with Braco embroidered motif
    BLANCO - white AZUL MARINO - royalblue
    Braco embroidered cotton sweatshirt
    Multipurpose with Braco embroidered motif
    Azul Marino - steelblue Blanco - White
    Short-sleeved T-shirt with Braco embroidery motif
    Braco wool embroidered cushion with tab
    Plain scarf with Braco embroidered motif
    Braco fine square embroidered scarf